The Renningers Flea Market, Kutztown, PA

We saw lots of cool old signs on the trip. And no, we did not eat here. 
Last weekend, the family and I headed up to Kutztown, PA for the Renninger's big outdoor flea/antique market. It was a strangely cold day and I think that kept the crowds at bay. The vendors weren't too happy with the lack of traffic; most were packing up three hours before the show was supposed to close.

Love the packaging of these jiggers!

Indoor vendors selling everything from furniture to vintage clothing.
The flea market turned out to be more of antiques dealers displaying their goods outdoors than a true flea market. Lots of cool things to look at, but no deals. I found tons of Pyrex, vintage 1950s linens and tea towels, old maps... all at prices way more than I would charge in my shop.

Coffee, tea or me?

Thank goodness those peas aren't run of the mill.
Even if we didn't buy anything, at least I had my camera to capture some of the more interesting finds. Here's some vintage stenciled lettering to inspire future Scissors and Spice secondary logos.

I love the kitschiness of Holt Howard. Look at the jam and jelly jar!
This vendor had such a great collection of chatskis like these rare Holt Howard fixin's pots. $145 a piece!

The birdies look like they could be Mexican, Polish, or German.
 I've always loved Pennyslvania Dutch folk art and there was plenty to be had like this blanket chest. Those birds are beautiful.

This lovely Tom Thumb typewriter made me think of this Being Quirky SNL skit.


  1. Duh, what's with their crazy pricing!

  2. Love, love this post. Love old things and towns in the country!!


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