A Scissors & Spice and House Industries at Anthropologie Video!

Still from the "Scissors & Spice and House Industries at Anthropologie" video

Watch the new video here on Vimeo: Scissors & Spice and House Industries at Anthropologie

Back in December, my husband, Ken Barber (a type designer and letterer at House Industries) and I took part in a spectacular event hosted by the Brinton Lakes Anthropologie store in Glen Mills, PA. This video (shot and directed by Andrew Larason and assisted by Justin Weber and Karen DeMaio, with music by one of my all time favorite bands, Plushgun) was recently released to highlight that fantastic day.

Video still. Don't my cookies look so purty on Anthropologie?

At the event, I happily served out over 400 vegan cookies to the enthusiastic crowd (all personally made by me!), talked about vegan and vegetarian cooking, and just over-all had a really great time meeting so many people. I don't know how many times I heard, "I can't believe these are vegan!" As any vegan baker can attest, that is one of the best compliments you can receive!

Ken was busy for three hours, hand-lettering dozens upon dozens of personalized gift tags to help attendees give that special touch to their holiday presents. Several groups travelled from as far as New Jersey and Maryland just to have him wield his pen for a personalized creation.

We both had a really great time and the staff at Anthropologie was so unbelievably friendly, sweet, and accommodating. They really went out of their way to make sure we were happy and that we had everything we needed.  I was even supplied with vegan creamer for the coffee that was served with the cookies! See, that is really great, right?

Now enough about food and letters! Let's talk about clothes! Of course, I just had to wear an Anthropologie dress for the occasion (good excuse to go shopping, right?)! I felt so fantabulous and stylish! Several shoppers remarked that after they talked to me, they also bought the same dress to wear at their holiday soirees! (Oh, yeah, and guess what, the Obamas also have great taste too, because Malia Obama was wearing the same dress, but in blue, in the family's 2011 Christmas portrait!)

Thank you to everyone at the Brinton Lakes store, especially Emily and Karen, for inviting Ken and I to take part in your holiday season! I especially have to thank Karen for coordinating so many details back and forth with me and for initially coming up with the idea. We all really had such a great time!

And I have to really, really thank our good friends Karen and Pete for enthusiastically watching out two little ones for the day--we really could not have done it without their help!

I also have professional photos from the event that I will post. For now, please take a look at the video and let me know what you think! xo!

BTW: The new Plushgun album, featuring the song "Montreal" used in the video, is being released on May 15 on iTunes! Be sure to check it out!

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