New in the Etsy Shop: Vintage Pyrex Bowls & Casseroles & A Lamp!

I've been working on tons of updates to the Scissors & Spice vintage Etsy shop. Dansk Kobesntyle, Pyrex and that awesome Tiki-ish lamp! Some of these are live now or will be in the next few days. Please check them out; I'm sure you'll find something you'll love!


  1. OMG! Those Pyrex bowls are awesome. I get such a hard on from Pyrex!

  2. Should you come across the nesting Pyrex mixing bowls, save them for me and I WILL BUY THEM!!!! My Great Grandmother had a set, and since I've grown to love baking, I've been looking for a set ever since.

    1. Hi Ashlae--The primary colors set? Those are generally pricey. How much are you willing to spend and do they need to be in excellent shape? I find them every so now and then, but they generally have scratches to the finish.


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