Friday Favorites: Juicing, Azaleas, and Seeds!

My little ones have been on spring break this week, so I have not much time for anything but them and shipping Etsy orders out. But, despite that, I managed to find a few note-worthy things that have made me happy this week!

1) The azaleas in front of my house are just starting to bloom!

2) I haven't been feeling so healthy or full of life lately, so I did a two-day juice fast to put some zoom in my chi. This particular concoction was super yummy. Kale, pineapple, granny smith apples, carrot, celery, ginger, grapefruit, and lemon. There was tons of kale in it, so I was shocked that it was not all green!

3) Bullet planter basil. I normally plant flowers in the planters around the house, but this year I decided to make the plantings edible. The one behind my juice (in the pic above) is all organic genovese basil that the kids and I planted. After we finished, I wrapped the planter in plastic wrap to act as a mini-greenhouse until the seeds sprout. This is a great way to teach the kids about water cycles too!

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  1. At first I read the blurb as "Azalea juice!" I was verrry confused. The juice sounds fabulous, though flower-less. I bet it really got you moving :)


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