#FF: Theo Chocolate, BBQ Tofu, ModCloth, Tegan & Sara

1) Theo Dark Chocolate Orange: I did a taste testing of Theo Chocolate at Whole Foods and was very impressed with this flavor combo. The orange is subtle and and brings a nice sharp note to the earthy flavor of the dark chocolate. Theo also gets a big thumbs up for being a big proponent of fair trade chocolate, and if you are vegan or vegetarian, it just makes sense to not only be careful that the food you eat isn't causing animals distress, but that the humans involved with the production of your food are also being treated, well, humanely. (Now that is about as political as I will ever get!)

2) BBQ Sauerkraut Bowls: Quick and easy: Shred baked tofu (I like Fresh Tofu Inc.'s Organic Baked Tofu) and fry. Coat with BBQ sauce (I love Robbie's Hickory BBQ sauce. Low cal, low fat, high in flavor!). Serve on a bowl of sauerkraut (I love Whole Food's Organic Sauerkraut). A satisfying lunch for very low calories! Plus, sauerkraut is great for digestive health. If gluten and calories aren't an issue for you, this would also be excellent on a hoagie roll with a little schmear of Veganaise.

3) ModCloth's Dresses: Anyone who knows me knows that I hardly ever wear pants. Any of these cute little dresses from ModCloth would certainly put a spring in my step.

Photo source: ModCloth

4) Tegan and Sara: This isn't an new song be any means, but the song"Hell" off of the album "Sainthood" by Tegan and Sara has been in heavy rotation in my car. Thankfully, Tegan and Sara is also a favorite of my six-year-old daughter; she just hates when I sing along.


  1. I love orange and chocolate! And those ModCloth dresses. But whenever I try to order them, they never have my size in :(

  2. Theo is by far my favorite chocolate! I'm addicted to the chocolate with chili.


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