Saturday Morning: PLINC Totes, Green Bars, Birdy Pyrex, & SDRE

1) I would like to thank Food Feud for totally getting me hooked on these "Amazing Grass" Green Superfood Energy Bars. Seriously addicted. They don't give me that belly ache that most protein/energy bars give me and they are raw to boot! They sell them at Whole Foods, but I discovered they have another, but the exactly the same, variety at Trader Joe's for less.

2) As I have mentioned before, I am really obsessed with bags, totes, purses. It's probably the most girly thing about me. Mr. Scissors just brought these cool Photo Lettering Inc. bags back from a PLINC lecture he did with Mr. Ben Kiel for AIGA Philadelphia. Awesome Dudes from Philly does on demand silk screening at events and they printed these totes at the lecture.

And the event planner in me thinks that would be a really, um, awesome idea at a wedding instead of the usual wedding favors--have you guests create their own T or tote to take home! I digress... Oh and speaking of PLINC, check out their new high concept alphabet, Sodachrome. Plinc headlines are perfect and economical way for bloggers wanting to create a bangin' and unique banner for themselves without having to invest in a complete typeface.

3) Look at this cute Pyrex casserole I found. The funny thing is, I found the dish at Goodwill and then on the same day I found the lid at a Salvation Army. Serendipity! I think the pattern is called "Friendship." Look for it in the shop soon.

4) And playing while writing this post: "Guitar and Video Games" by Sunny Day Real Estate. It came up on a playlist of mine while I was at the gym yesterday and I have been listening to it insistently ever since then. They were a favorite band of mine in college and I was lucky to catch their reunion tour a few years ago. They were supposedly getting back together and releasing an album, but, hmmmm, looks like that never happened.


  1. Thanks for sharing the green bar. I'm always on the lookout for new yummy protein sources on the go. Sounds like a trip to Whole Foods is in order!

  2. Oh, I'm glad you like the bars! I've never seen similar ones at Trader Joe's - I'll have to keep an eye out.
    Cute little pyrex - I love the colors and pattern.

  3. I thought you were collecting the Friendship pattern?

    1. No, I don't collect Pyrex, but just buy cool ones to sell. I just never have the time to list anything!


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