Friday Favorites: Whole Foods Glen Mills, PA! Hoo-ray!

Large windows grace the mod exterior
Handmade aprons for sale, large dining area with communal dining, hot/cold salad bar, interior
Lots of vegan baked options: Sticky Fingers whole cakes, Hail Merry tarts. Vegan bakery cakes, Vegan cookies
Veggies! (And I love how the store sign uses the font Neutraface by House Industries, Yorklyn, DE represent!)
Candle Cafe frozen entrees, vegan raviolis, American Flatbread vegan harvest pizza
Zukay raw dressings. Sweet Christine's gluten-free vegan cake, Eat Pastry Vegan cookie dough
Glen Mills Community Calendar

Friday Favorites: Whole Foods Glen Mills, PA!

When I lived in Boston, I had a Whole Foods right down the street from me. It was where my friends would gather and we'd all kvetch as we ate salads from compostable boxes that overstuffed with 20 lbs of marinated tofu, mixed greens, crunchy sesame sticks, and oddly, vegan chocolate pudding. Then I moved to Philadelphia, and though there was no Whole Foods directly near me, it was easy enough to get to.

Now, being out in the burbs in Delaware, with only small "nature food stores" to get my speciality supplies or having to make a 30+ mile trek to a Center City Philly Whole Foods, I have often longed for a nearby grocery store where I could 1) find lots of vegetarian speciality foods, 2) find lots of organic foods, 3) find natural bath products, and 4) find a place that acted as a community center. Shortly after I moved here, a Trader Joe's opened up not too far from me--and I was elated--finally a place for some alternative foods! But, darling TJ's is a little limited in its scope, but still great at what it does. Anywho, this is completely turning into a long, long, overly complicated story. Let me just get to the point already--I am so, so excited to tell you, after 12 years of being without a Whole Foods I could call my own, I finally have one! Though it is not in Delaware, it is right over the border in neighboring Glen Mills, PA.

And let me tell you, it's theeee nicest Whole Foods in the Philly area! I'm so excited! Though it is smaller than the Plymouth Meeting store, it feels bigger. They've got a great selection of produce, vegetarian/vegan speciality foods, a huge hot bar, a ginormous bakery, a large cafeteria with communal dining and if you're into craft beer or mocha lattes (Vegans: for milky coffees, they carry rice milk in addition to soy and will hopefully get coconut milk too? please?), a little in-store pub/coffee shop.

True to the traditional Whole Foods community involvement, there is already a calendar of events and classes up for their first month. And look! Doran Petersan from Sticky Fingers (maker of the best vegan chocolate chip cookies I ever had!) will be there on April 5 doing a meet and greet! How fun! Who wants to go with me?

Judging by how crowded the store was and how packed the parking lot was, the rest of the area is as excited I am. Welcome and congratulations Whole Foods Glen Mills!

Whole Foods Market, Glen Mills
475 Wilmington/West Chester Pike (Route 202)
Glen Mills, PA 19342

Added: I just saw on their printed calendar that Christina Pirello from Christina Cooks will doing an in-store appearance on March 30 from 6-7 pm! Awesome!


  1. This must be exciting! This one looks huge and actually way better stocked than the one I go to here in NY. It's definitely important to have a good grocery store nearby! I hate having to go out of my way or to make multiple stops.
    Though of course, there probably are things to get cheaper at other stores...but it's so nice to have a Whole Foods :)

  2. While I was a BIG Wild Oats fan, I am still thrilled that we have Whole Foods......I always feel better when we are in there, and actually usually have kind of a fun time shopping. Usually I am bad and buy some overpriced raw food snack for the way home.

  3. We drove by this whole foods last time we were in town! We actually thought it was opened already but were disappointed and got Starbucks instead. I can't wait to check it out next time I'm in PA!

  4. That is a smart looking Whole Foods!

  5. Thanks for posting this. I missed a lot of these vegan options when I was in there Thursday, maybe because it was so crowded. Now I know what to look for. I'm especially excited about the vegan ravioli!

  6. I'm really hoping this didn't post 3 times...

    This is the most GORGEOUS WF I've ever seen! I'm seriously drooling over here. But since you waited, you know, 12 years, I guess you deserve it. ;)

    Also I hear you about Trader's but I still love them!

  7. Hi Lynn!!
    I will totally make your lattes with coconut milk, come back and ask for Maxx! If I am unavailable, please do not hesitate to ask one of the baristas to make you one!! We never say no! :)


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