Friday Favorites: Raw Foods, Paddington Bear Jacket, Blogs, Etsy

I've been really into making nutritionally packed raw smoothies for breakfast and drinking chia kombucha. Here are some of my favorites this week.

1) Garden of Life Raw Protein Powder: A non-whey, non-soy protein addition to my smoothies.
2) Synergy Raw Cherry Chia Kombucha: I love chia seeds in drinks!
3) Raw Cacoa Powder from Vivapura: Minerals! Enzymes! Antioxidants!
4) Artisana Raw Organic Coconut Butter: Tatsy & good for you! Remember the Almond Joy Smoothie?

Aww! My new little cotton Paddington Bear jacket from the Gap. I tried it on at the store, but bought it through the website because, for some some weird reason, it was $30 cheaper. Bizzare! Looks so much cuter in person. I loved it with my black and white striped sweater dress and red Hunter wellies.

Yellow Short Duffle Jacket: Gap

My favorite new-to-me blogs or favorite posts from this week:

1) Cute and Delicious: Photography, crafts and vegan food! Match made in heaven!
2) Little Vegan Planet: Cute and Delicious's other half and heavy on nice photography.
3) Mon Petit Chou, Hibou: More vegan craftiness and cuteness!
4) Oh She Glows: Awesome post: 22 Vegan Snacks
5) Pickles and Honey: I have no idea how I never heard of this blog before? It's right up my alley. Cute photography, personal stories, yummy foods, big sunglasses and bad reality TV lovin'. Winning combo!

I keep thinking of getting a necklace like this with my little ones' names. Problem is, they would probably break it!

Modern Mom Necklace: Camilee Designs on Etsy

And related to jewelry making and Etsy... I can't get this song from the Portlandia live show out of my head (Mr. Scissors and I saw Fred & Carrie perform the past Sunday in Philly at the Troc). "He's making jewelry now. He got his life on track!"

And, by the way, I love Carrie's hair and outfit in the video. I'll bookmark that for later. Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Haha, that last clip got me on a Portlandia watching spree...
    Loving the raw smoothie stuff! I love to put kombucha in smoothies too but I don't do it too often since they're kind of expensive.


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