My Birthday (Week!)

Birthdays should never be confined to a day, right? In our house, they never are! Since my birthday falls after Christmas and New Year's, everyone is generally spent and party-pooped (and then add having kids and a mid-week affair, you pretty much have no get up and gumption to do anything). On the evening of my birthday, Mr. Scissors and I quietly celebrated at a near-by restaurant while our babysitter watched the kids. I was very excited that he got me the immersion blender I have been wanting, a vintage Scandinavian tea towel (love!) and some lovely music. Oh, did I mention that most of my birthday daylight was spent running around Philly and New Castle County gathering paperwork for my new federally compliant driver's license? That was, well, interesting, to say the least. Philadelphia city hall is a beautiful building filled with some of the most intriguing stories you will ever witness.

Then, as the weekend approached, I decided to take alone time as my next gift. When I told my 5 year-old daughter that I was going on a mommy solo trip for my birthday, she replied, "That doesn't sound very nice! I wouldn't want to spend my birthday alone!" (Trust me dear, you will understand when you are also a mommy.) I spent the day thrifting, shopping, relaxing, manicuring, reality-TV watching in my spacious hotel room, and some more relaxing (and totally forgot to eat!). I slept soundly on my king sized bed with no one waking me up about dropped stuffed animals and having to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. (Thanks Mr. Scissors for giving me some much needed R&R!)

The next day, I headed to New Hope to have brunch at Sprig and Vine with some lovely friends. Not only was the meal spectabulous, these awesome ladies gave me wonderful presents, including blog props, homemade jam, a subscription to Vegetarian Times and fun reading material.

Overall, I am happy to be maturing. Happy to be older. Happy to have a wonderful husband whom I love dearly and beautiful and smart children. Happy to finally be coming into my own. Happy to have friends that genuinely care about me. Happy to have this blog and etsy shop. Happy to not have needs that can't be met. Happy to have health. Happy to have love. I have a very blessed life. xo!

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  1. Happy belated birthday [week]! That sounds like a fabulous celebration. :)


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