Vintage Maps: New Bedford, Massachusetts Postcards

I love vintage postcards, history, and maps, so imagine my delight when I found this vintage 1920s souvenir folder of my hometown, New Bedford, MA, in a flea market in Philadelphia.

I Google mapped the Philadelphia address--a house in a long string of row homes--and it is the only one no longer standing. Just a "RIP" spray painted on the exposed wall of the adjacent house.

I also love all the English and Native American names of the towns in New England. I had no idea that a small town near New Bedford, Westport, was actually named Westport Factory . Thanks to Wikipedia, I was schooled in the town's really interesting history.

This shot is of a bath house at Fort Phoenix that is no longer there. Oh if my dad knew what I did with my high school friends at that beach at night, he probably would ground me from the grave.

Purchase Street business district, New Bedford, circa 1920s.  This is where I spent most of my youth watching boys skateboard and having chow mein sandwiches from Bamboo Garden with my dad. The Waldorf Linens building is no longer there and that large building with the green roof is now a Citizens Bank.  The red brick building now houses one of my favorite New Bedford restaurants, No Problemo.

Corner of Union and Purchase Street, New Bedford, circa the 1920s. A current view reveals that not much has changed.


  1. Oh those are so fun! I totally want a collection of Florida stuff but figure I will have to go outside of Florida to hunt the good stuff! Thanks for all your research.

  2. These are great. I love finding old postcards and am obsessed with maps of any time frame. Love the "waves" emanating from the shore!

  3. I wonder how much Will sell for?


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