Scissors Craft: Crafty Friends

Felt tree ornament by Kara from Moments of Being blog
The kids decorated our tree on Wednesday and finally looks a little bit more like Christmas is around the corner at our house. The next day, my dear sister-like-friend, Kara, sent me a little holiday-cheer package filled with goodies. She insists she not crafty, but that is all a front because look at this cute Waldorfy Christmas tree ornament she made for me. Isn't it sweet? I put it high on the tree so my curious two-year-old (he's almost three now!) wouldn't try to dissect it. Thanks Kara! Love you!


  1. Super cute ornament but I am more than a little zoned in on that creepy/amazing hand on the mantle behind the tree! What is the deal!

  2. LOL! Adams family! It's a vintage hand mold from a glove making factory. Surprisingly, it does not freak my children out!


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