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Art Star in Northern Liberties
You haven't finished your Christmas shopping yet? For shame! Ok, don't sweat it. I have it all figured out for you! Head on over to Art Star Gallery and Boutique in Philadelphia for unique gifts, handmade goods and art that you can't get anywhere else. Think of it as Etsy in the flesh. Not in Philly? Art Star is online too, so in that case, think of it as a carefully curated version of Esty instead.
Sweet and Friendly Art Star Owners, Erin (L) and Megan (R)
Erin and Megan, co-owners of Art Star, and alums of Tyler School of Art (just like Mr. Scissors!), will help guide you through your gift giving with personal, friendly, and enthusiastic service. Try getting that at Walmart! I think not. Shopping small is really fashionable right now, so you'll be scoring hip points while you gift. Total win-win.

Another thing that I really like about Erin and Meagan, they have super chutzpa! Not satisfied with the lack of retail opportunities for artists and craftsmen in the Philly area, they took matters into their own hands and opened up shop in a section of Philadelphia that is going through quite the revitalization, Northern Liberties. I like to think of it as the Portland of Philadelphia. And why stop at a physical location? Art Star is also available on the web--and--brings together crafters from all over with their hugely successful Art Star Craft Bazaar that now happens twice per year. And they even have parties with food and drinks all the time at the gallery! That is how you succeed when you are a small business; you have to go out get there and get yours. It's a business term called dynamicismology. (I just totally made up a word!) You can follow them on Twitter and Facebook and keep up with their fantastic dynamicismology. (There, I wrote it twice so it has truly become a new word--you read it here first!)

Take a little tour with me through Art Star. It's a really cute shop and you are bound to find something you like and something for the someone you like. On my wish list is this print by Jen Corace, so if you like me, you may buy that for me! (Mr. Scissors?)
Bustling shopping day at Art Star 
Sweet birdies!
A plethora of gifts for babies, vegan taxidermists, photographers and fashionistas!
I love these Christmas cards by Oh My Cavalier!
Art, art and more art!
The shop is quite nice, yes? (Say that with a Russian accent.)

Go on and check it out for yourself; briskly skip on over with glee (don't walk) to Art Star and get that last minute holiday shopping completed in one stop! OK? Don't wait until 6:30 PM on Christmas Eve, when your only options are a quart of motor oil and a can of Pringles from WaWa!

Art Star Gallery and Boutique
623 North 2nd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19123
(215) 238-1557

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