Scissors Craft: Easy (& Free!) Thanksgiving Centerpiece

It's Thanksgiving day, you've got your Field Roast in the oven, Mom is bringing the pies and your best friend is bringing the wine, but who is bringing the centerpiece? Don't fret, hostess with mostess, you have everything you already need for a wonderful autumnal arrangement!

Everyone has some sort of tray laying around their kitchen (round and/or wood works best) and unscented candles on the shelves. Nature is right outside your door, so grab some colorful leaves/berries/twigs, arrange them artfully on your tray and place a candle in a candle holder (or group three candles of varying heights) in the center. If your table is long enough, you could use three smaller trays with similar arrangements lined down the center of the table. All your guests will think you're a regular Martha Stewart!

Once dinner is done, the centerpiece doubles as a purty coffee table decoration. Now plop down on the couch, kick up your feet onto that coffee table, turn on the game, unbutton your pants and dig into mom's pumpkin pie!

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