Scissors Craft: Cranberry & Candles Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Centerpieces are best when they leave room on the table for not only for your guests but for your side dishes. They should also be unobtrusive. There's nothing worse than having to weave and dodge a 3-foot-high floral centerpiece as you try hold a conversation with the person on the other side of the table.

I love mid-century Danish wooden trays of all sizes for centerpieces like these. I picked this bread tray up in an auction lot and it works perfectly on an oblong or rectangular table. It's low profile and slim width lend well to a low-key, but high impact, focal point for your celebration. Keep an eye out at yard sales and thrift stores for something similar. A porcelain serving dish would also work. To add depth, a contrasting textured table runner running lengthwise over a plain tablecloth helps visually anchor the centerpiece.

To achieve this look, before you set your table line your tray with very small candles in holders (I bought these tiny ones as a set at Marshall's/TJ Maxx for about $9) leaving an inch or two in between each one. Then with a bag or two of fresh cranberries, fill the empty spaces in at least a a single layer. Seasonal and festive. This idea also works well for Christmas or with other other fillers such as dried corn or beans, small polished pebbles or nuts in their shells. Have fun with it!

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