Photo Essay: This Past Weekend

I'm not going to be around much this week because I really have to spend my online time stocking my Etsy shop (stay tuned for my launch!). So, to keep you company while I am futzing around with my awesome vintage stock, I am posting a ton o' photos for you to enjoy!

1) Mr. Scissors shoveling in some vegan coleslaw at Blackbrid Pizzeria.
2) Reuniting with an dear-old-friend-super-drummer, Mike Poorman, at the TLA Hod Rod Circuit show.
3) Love!
4) Art Star Craft Bazaar with Kara.
5) Seriously best vegan cupcake I have ever had by Sweetbox Cupcakes.
6 and 7) Awesome Philly storefront signs.
8) Los Caballitos, E Passyunk, Phila. Best salsa verde ever.
9) So cozy and warm at Grindcore House with best coconut milk mocha ever


  1. Just saw this and you went to the hot rod circuit show at the tla! So did the hubby & i! they put on quite an amazing show that night :)

  2. Lauren-- That is so funny! I wish I would have ran into you! :)

  3. Philadelphia is one of my favorite cities to visit. Largely because of all the terrific food. Grindcore House is the best, especially since they source Vegan Treats and local bakers' goods.
    Have you ever had pizza at Blackbird? It's the best!

  4. Me--> Blackbird pizza is like moth --> flame.


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