Last Night on the Mass Pike

Mama took a solo trip last weekend to see my family in the Bay State. Wow, you go Daddy! Thank you for taking care of the kids. Xs and Os!

1) A big bunch of Portagees on a couch. Me (on the left, the baby of the group) with my lovely siblings. Love you all!
2) Blogging does not go on vacation nor does breakfast.
3) My sister knows how to group! Great ideas for decorating on a budget. Simple tin pails to collect kitchen tools and varied collection of thrift mirrors painted all the same color and hung in the same locale. She has her whole back hallway lined with a collection of different mirrors all painted white.
4) All the vegan bloggers do it, now here's my turn. The ubiquitous cat photo.
5) Thrifting is one the best parts of traveling! I heart church bazaars.
6) Grace Episcopal Church, New Bedford, MA. Beautiful and historic.
7) Vintage Massachusetts (pronounced massachoozits) tray and map.
8) The newest addition to the family, Rocky. What a cute beggar!
9) My sister, who hosted me, made us all a fab lunch before I jetted off. She was my first introduction to a life outside the mainstream, city life, and eating whole foods and is always super accommodating to my veggie needs. Yum! Raw collard and cabbage salad with miso/tahini/olive oil/soy/Bragg's dressing served with rice, beans and sweet potatoes.

Bonus points to the first person who can tell me where the title of this post comes from without Googling!


  1. The title comes from a Get Up Kids Song!


  2. I feel as if it's worth mentioning that the ubiquitous cat in the photo is named Princess Baby Yumyum. :3

  3. Princess Baby Yumyum!! :-)

  4. Sounds like fun! I love the tin pails! Did you pick anything up thrifting?

  5. Cara-- Thanks for that. LOL!

    Foodfeud--Yes I did! Prop plates, vintage stationery for ye olde etsy shop, vintage kids books and I think that's it! I really wanted those retirement fund banks... but trying to declutter! :)

  6. Oh I love that tray! I love all vintage state souvenir crap! Looks like a fun trip.


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