Anyone Want to Be My Intern...

...or at least a nanny to my kids so I can get this shop show on the road? It's an Etsy mess up in this piece. I promise you, I have not forgotten about you and will be back sorta like normal soon!

Oh, and PS: Stay tuned for my shop's launch and Scissors and Spice's one-year-anniversary! Are you excited? I am!

Drop a line (i.e. leave me up comment all up in here) and tell me what you've been making or crafting lately. Any good thrift store finds in your parts? Link it all up to your blog too. Entertain me!


  1. I attempted to make a "rag rug" (post coming soon), but it became an uncrafting project. now I'm trying to reinvent it with a different material. but, well, you know me, it probably won't come out so pretty. :)

  2. oh man i feel like i need a life coach most days. need to be more organized then maybe i could get more done ;)

  3. I'm prepping to bake gingerbread houses this week. Gotta get the oven fired up.

  4. all the best for your store launch! i could do with an intern here too.. or some help with the holiday baking.. interns are hard to find:)


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