Vegan Mofo: Vegan Pennsylvania Dutch Foods

I grew up in Massachusetts and my husband grew up in Penna Dutch Country. My first Thanksgiving at his parents was a bit of culture shock for me. What do you mean the stuffing has mashed potatoes in it? It's just bread and veggies where I am from. Dried corn, what on earth is that? These traditions have grown on me over the 11 years we have been married. Penna Dutch food is like 95% not vegetarian/vegan. Lots of lard is used (like to fry potato chips!) so you have to be cautious if you are ever in the York/Lancaster/Reading area. Here are a few pics I took at the Amish section of our local farmer's market. Yes! Dried corn. And I'm guessing you need that syrup for shoe fly pie, but I took the picture more for the label!

Saturday ritual for our family: farmer's market, flea market and a hot fresh baked pretzel from Pretzel Factory. They are located in the New Castle County Farmer's Market. Best pretzels that I have ever had and the bonus with them: they don't sell those dang hot dog pretzels that all the pretzel joints are selling now. And yes, the owner confirmed that their pretzels are vegan.

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  1. Oh my goodness. That looks like pretzel heaven. I could definitely use a hot pretzel right now (or anytime).
    That syrup label has such a cute, vintage look.


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