Vegan Mofo: It's Always Vegan in Philadelphia

Ok, blah, blah, blah, blah... Portland is the vegan epicenter. Everyone is moving to Portland. Buses in Portland are made out of mega bikes and unicorns. Every house has its own personal vegan food cart and the schools are all vegan, Montessori and free. Bean farts even smell like strawberries in Portland. Well, you know what? Not all of us live in Portland! There are some pretty great other places for plant-based eaters, like the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia. There are lots of vegan options in Philly if you know where to go. Here are a couple I visited today with my kids.

Grindcore House, saying it loud, saying it proud. Mocha with with coconut milk is a winner. I think I have found my new love. Sorry almond milk. And, you know what, I have to say, the staff is always so friendly here. I even observed them being kind to weird wifi free loaders/water drinkers.

Such a badass logo. There's me with my Marimekko bag and striped dress. Vegan Treats in the case. Hipsters in the seats. See, Philly's got it going on!

It's so nice for my kids to be able to pick a treat out of dessert case without me exclaiming, "Sorry, that has eggs in it!" My daughter was so concerned, she kept asking, "Are you sure these are all vegetarian?!?" Yes, dear, Mommy is sure. They snacked in the back room under a collection of silkscreened show posters. My son bobbed to the music while covering himself in cookie sandwich crumbs. My life is spent trying to tame his brand of chaos.

If you squint, the back streets of Philly look just like the canals of Venice. And for the record, I don't recommend taking photos while you are driving.

Sometimes you have to think outside the box and just buy some fruit and a tombstone memorial out of the back of a truck. No big whoop. It's Philly, just roll with it. You can even park in the middle of the street here. No one cares. See, it's relaxed, just like we're in Portland!

See, Philly has bike riders in super tight shorts. Even grandmas pull their grandkids (in Phillies shirts, we were in South Philly after all!) on bikes. No station wagons needed! That's green of you, Même!

On the corner of South and Broad, Govinda's Gourmet to Go offers up some of the best vegan cheesesteaks in the city and a case full of Vegan Treats and another case of vegan ice cream. Two doors down is Sweet Freedom, an allergy-free and vegan bakery.

Happiness is a once-in-a-while pig out while watching trashy reality TV after the kids have been put to bed. Chicken cheesesteak from Govinda's and Vegan Treats mocho cheesecake from Grindcore.

Vegan Mofo!!!
Stay tuned for a month long of Vegan Mofo posts. Scissor and Spice's weekend posts will focus on vegan eateries around Philadelphia (hopefully a review of the highly anticipated very-soon-to-open Vedge) and the week's posts will focus on hand-held or one bowl healthy meals and dessert recipes! There might be a crafting or vintage post thrown in there, but hey, those things are the other part of my blog and I can't neglect those or they will be sad. Stay tuned! Thanks for visiting!

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  1. Whoa, those floral funeral memorials are crazy! We don't have those here in PDX, just the regular ones made of kitchen compost...

  2. Hey there neighbor! Found you in the MoFo feed, yeay! Couldn't agree more with you about Philly, it's great and super vegan friendly. I used to live right next door to Grindcore House :-) and I recognize those row homes! I'm only a few miles away, now, and we still go over to Govinda's all the time :-)

    Glad to meet you, and Happy MoFoing,
    Vegan Fazool blog

  3. your opener totally made me lol for real. haha!


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