Scissors Craft: Bingo Marker Fun for Kids!

Though while things have been pretty busy around our household with school, my husband's insane work schedule/traveling, and Vegan Mofo--my kids still need love and attention! (My crafty side has been crying out for attention too!) The other day while I was making dinner, the kids were playing in the backyard. So, while my stew was a stewin', I rolled out some craft paper on the patio for us to doodle on with their new dollar store bingo markers. While my son was more into just making dabby dots on his side of the paper, I had my daughter use fallen leaves as stencils and we used blue masking tape to spell out her name (just stamp around the tape and when done, lift the tape--voila!). This is a really cheap and fun craft that last about as much time as it takes to make dinner!

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