Restaurant Review | Bombay Talk, Islen, NJ

Bombay Talk's Dry Gobi Manchurian
Cozy chaos awaits you inside!
These Thai style noodles have become our new fav! Mild, nutty and flavorful!
Haka noodles. So Indian, yet so Chinese!
No trip to Islen, NJ would complete without a meal at Bombay Talk, a popular Indian eatery in a colorful sari and jewelry strip mall. On our way up to New York last weekend, we stopped in so we could get a taste of one of our favorite types of cuisine, Indo Chinese, a style of cooking popular in Gujarat.

We ordered idli and dosas for the kids, but for Mommy and Daddy, we ordered our favorites: (Dry) Gobi (meaning cauliflower) Manchurian, Haka Noodles and a new fav, Bombay Talk's Thai noodles. Thankfully, we remembered to ask for them all not spicy (we are experienced enough to know that mild Indian food still makes our noses run!). The gobi manchurian was the best we have ever had and though we love a good haka noodle, the thai noodles have surpassed them in our fav-o-meter.

Atmosphere at Bombay Talk is a casual chaotic symphony of a semi-cafeteria like vibe meets a sit down restaurant with countless slightly disinterested servers bringing you your dishes on plastic plates (yuck!) with plastic utensils (blech!) on orange cafeteria trays. There is always a line waiting for tables, so don't wait until 7 for dinner or you will lumped in with a mass of people crowding around the door. You will also certainly be ushered out if you decide to loiter at your table when you are done with your meal, so get going or they will tell you to leave! Despite the confusion and hurriedness, the food rocks, so see all these things as part of the entertaining experience. Bring cash too! No credit cards allowed.

Bombay Talk
1358 Oak Tree Rd # 1
Iselin, NJ 08830-1600
(732) 283-0066


  1. Everything looks good, but it's so interesting you mentioned the plates and utensils, because as I scrolled down and saw them it made me go "blech" too! The food could be the most awesome thing ever, but it drives me crazy when they serve it on plastic!

  2. uh oh.. i am craving some hakka noodles.! i love indo chinese food. just one restaurant near seattle.. tht too 25 miles away.

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