Super Random: The Office, Cucumber Wantons, Pinterest & Etc.

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What I see when I sit on the couch in our living room. 
So  nice to have an illustration major as your babysitter. Collab between her and the kids. Big bat by my 5 YO.

Trader Joe's vegan cucumber wantons, baked not fried. Would be super good on top of an Asian cabbage salad.

Flea market find: Swedish Christmas linens!

Bake sale! Too bad nothing vegan, but I still love them! 
Calligraphy at flea market by a former White House calligrapher, Deb Cowherd.
Congrats Andy on being the new regional manager! The Office is back! Yay for fall!


  1. Thanks for the spoiler =/

  2. "Andy" came to my friend Leah's roller derby match in Detroit and he was so smitten with her moves he asked her out. She said he was very nice.

  3. Do those wantons taste as good as they look? I may have to try them.


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