Scissors Craft: Sewn Paper Pennant Flag Banner Greeting Card

Snail mail. A slowly dying art. People don't even send birthday and Christmas cards anymore. How sad. Specially since there's nothing more exciting than getting a letter in the mail and even better when it is cute and handmade! End the texting/Facebook messaging madness and send someone a little bit of old-fashioned happiness with this easy paper craft!

Scissors and Spice's Sewn Paper Pennant Flag Greeting Card Tutorial
Time involved: About 30 minutes

Materials Needed
  • 1 Plain card (or a piece of card stock folded into a card or a single sided piece--your choice)
  • 1 sheet of card stock (I used a Wausau Papers Cardstock pack from Michael's).
  • various sheets of printed paper (origami paper works great or you can use plain paper)
  • pinking sheers (any fancy shape cutting scissor is nice)
  • scissor
  • glue
  • a thin Sharpie (Sharpie pens work great for the fine detail you will need to achieve.)
  • a hole puncher (one that punches out shapes is a nice touch)
  • sewing machine/thread (If you don't have a sewing machine, no sweat. Just skip that part of the instructions. The card will still be cute.)

  1. Decide if you will be using a folded card or a single sided card and the saying you will be using.
  2. Take a single sided piece of cardstock and cut it to about 1/4-1/2" smaller than the front of your card with your pinking shears or your fancy craft scissors. The final size is up to you.
  3. Cut small triangles from the printed paper; one for each letter. Eyeball their size according to the size of 1) how long your greeting will be and 2) the size of your card. An easy way to do this is to cut strips of the paper, stack them on top of one another and cut your triangles form the various patterns all at once.
  4. Arrange your triangles on the piece of cardstock that was cut with the fancy scissors. Give them a nice arch, just like a how a pennant banner would hang. Now, you can either get all precise and measure and mark where each flag will go, our you can be like me and eyeball their placement.
  5. Glue just the very top of each flag to the cardstock.
  6. If you have a sewing machine, run your stitch across the top of the flags. Leave a string hanging from either side of the ends for a nice effect. (You can try glueing a piece of embroidery thread across the top if you don't have a sewing machine for a similar effect.)
  7. Glue the cardstock to the front of your card. Again, you can measure or eyeball it.
  8. Punch contrasting cardstock for each letter of your greeting. Letter each piece with the extra fine Sharpie and then glue each letter to their appropriate pennant (In the order of the spelling of your word, right? Right!).
  9. Voilà! Look at your cute card! You sure are going to make someone's day when you send it them! You're such a great friend!

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  1. Thanks for posting the tutorial. I agree, it's unfortunate that the exchange of old-fashioned, snail mail correspondence is dying out. I try to keep up the tradition with my friends, but it's difficult as they increasingly rely heavily on Facebook, texting, emailing, etc., while continually changing residences as well. Pity, because it's such a delight to both compose and receive letters, cards, and other homemade gifts--especially something as oh-so-adorable as your pennant flag card. :)


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