Icelandic, Finnish, Norwegian, Austrian & British Gifts!

I can't wait to make a veg version of the  famous Icelandic hot dogs with that cute mustard!

Vintage Norwegian plate.
Icelandic volcanic and birch facial mask.

Vintage Austrian pin cushion. 
Vintage British salt and pepper shakers.
Mr. Scissors just came back from Iceland and brought home quite the booty of gifts for me and the kids. Chocolates and licorice from various countries, Icelandic volcanic facial masks, Austrian pin cushions, vintage Norwegian plates... oh my! And! My lovely Finnish friends, the Lekas, who also attended the same conference, showered us with presents as well! Marimekko fabric, pot holders, tote bag and the "Surru: Make Your Own Marrimekko" book. Double oh my! Super takk and kiitos, Mr. Scissors and Mr. and Mrs. Leka!

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  1. Fun!! He picked up tons of cute little things. I love those salt and pepper shakers, and that may be the cutest bottle of mustard I've ever seen.


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