Spice in the Kitchen: How To Make Toffee

Chocolate pecan toffee with pink Himalayan sea salt

It was a rainy yesterday which usually makes me want to do two things: make soup and bake cookies. I knew if there were cookies around, I would eat them, so I didn't want to do that. As I was writing to a friend on Facebook, I noticed an ad for John and Kira's chocolate toffee, and thought, "I must learn to make toffee!" And so I did with the help of the "A Sweet Pea Chef" tutorial on how to make toffee. It was fairly simple. I only used one stick of butter and 1/2 cup of sugar. Something about using the amount of butter in the original tutorial makes me a little nauseated. I'm not quite sure if this could be done vegan since I have noticed that Earth Balance tends to clump once it re-solidifies after melting, but hey if someone gives it a shot and is successful, please let me know.

I had a few small pieces (yum! tastes just like a Skor bar!) and the rest was packaged up for gifts. No candies for me! I'm now on a juice fast!


  1. The toffee looks absolutely decadent. I've made a vegan version who Earth Balance that turned out fine the first time, although subsequent attempts resulted in some of the fat separating and pooling. :/ I just made a first attempt at sponge toffee, which doesn't actually require fat, and that turned out nicely (topped with dark chocolate and flakes sea salt--yum).

  2. Tiffany I don't know what that is, but anything topped with chocolate and salt is my type of dessert! Is the recipe on your blog?


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