Thrifting: Left Behind but Not Forgotten

I often find the coolest/funniest stuff while I am out thrifting. The old me would buy it and junk up my garage. The new me appreciates it, takes a picture and keeps walking.

1) Sawed-off shut gun lamp! Perfect for a man-cave.
2) Pheasant Soup Tureen. You'd pay $128 for that at Anthropologie!
3) Vintage brushed cotton calico shirt. Ok, I did get this, but I thought it was a kid's shirt. Thank goodness for petiteness.
4) Vintage toy fridge. Would be a super cool bookshelf for a kid's room, but come on Goodwill! You're not an antique store! $20? Puh-lease.
5) Beautiful old sewing machine.
6) Dress forms. Oh, how I wish I had a studio!

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