Photo Essay: Reading, PA Pagaoda

Another anniversary pre-hurricane-fun-day-out-date activity: an unexpected stop to the Reading, PA pagoda. My husband is from Reading, PA and even though my family is from Massachusetts, there was a brief period where my dad worked in Reading, so as it turns out, my sister was actually born there too! Seems as though Mr. Scissors and I were fated for one another. Fitting that we spent our anniversary in our mutual karmic location.

PS: Super psyched that I scored a pagoda cookie cutter, pagoda t-shirt, and a large Japanese butterfly kite for my daughter (Shhh! It's for Christmas!) in the gift shop.


  1. The cookie cutter sounds interesting. I'd love to hear your thoughts on eggless royal icing. I make one that is delish, but it's not great for piping and intricate decorating. Maybe in another post you could cover this?!?

  2. Next time I do a sugar cookie (which will probably be Halloween) I'll test some. I've always used that premixed icing for intricate decorations and make my own powdered sugar icing for the background colors.

  3. Can you tell me where you found the pagoda cookie cutter?! I work for a retail company and our logo has a pagoda in it and we would like to have a pagoda cookie cutter for events!

    1. At the Pagoda in Reading, PA. If you call the store, maybe they could ship you one! (610) 655-6271


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