Favorite Find: Fabric Horse Totes!

The Fabric Horse ladies

My bag, modeled by Miss Karen (who is off to order one after how awesome she saw it was).

Bags being made in the Philly studio.
Inside the Fabric Horse shop. My baby is sitting on the shelf just waiting for me!

You don't have to be so overly practical like me, live it up. Get colorful! Fabric Horse Tarp Totes!

As has been stated countless times in this here blog, I love bags. I'm little and petite. I can't go too crazy with my clothes, but man, can I accessorize with countless cute bags! They are so easy to swap for uses or looks. I can't get enough! So, what you are about to read is another tale of bag love.

Remember back when I first visited Grindcore, well, the Mister and I took a leisurely stroll over to Passyunk Ave after we ate. We walked by a store, Fabric Horse, that looked familiar. "Wait, let's go in here! I think I saw these bags at the Art Star Craft Bazaar!" And sure enough I did! Though not in the market for a fancy fanny or a U-lock holster, I found the ultimate fashionable utility tote for a mom! Sturdy, square, not too deep. Four big inside pockets. And, holy crap, a metal key loop sewn on the outside!?!? Seriously, did they get in my head when they designed this bag? It's everything I have ever needed! Style, ease of use, functionality! Praise be!

They didn't have a ready made bag with a lining I was into, so they gave me the option of ordering one CUSTOM? My own custom bag? Well, yes, I'll do it! I chose black with a black lining. Get this, the lining is wipeable. And get this too, it was only $65! Custom orders cost not a penny more than ready made.

After six weeks, Carrie Collins, owner of Fabric Horse, called to let me know that the bag was ready. Yipee! It's been love ever since. I have carried my laptop, diapers, wipes, towels and a bathing suit, along with snack for the kids--all at the same time! And it all fits without being awkward or hard to carry. And guess what, I don't ever have to fish for my keys! Voila! I just unhook them from the outside of my bag! Genius.

I know, you're thinking, this is a sponsored post. It's not! I just super love this product and supporting small, ethical and local businesses and wanted to share with you all. If you are in Philly, please stop by and check out their merchandise. They've got great accessories for bikers, wallets for the man in your life, iPhone pouches, backpacks and clothing. Even if you are not in the city, you can order online. Their quality can't be beat!

Fabric Horse
1737 E Passyunk Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19148

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