The Beautiful Calligraphy of Mellisa Esplin of ISLY

Nothing makes me happier than making other people happy. Wait, no scratch that. Nothing makes me happier than real, honest-to-goodness, touch-it-feel-it snail mail. Then when that snail mail is HAND LETTERED and includes a handmade present? Oh my goodness. Swoon! Love!

Yesterday, I received just such a letter by the awesomely talented Melissa Esplin of the blog ISLY. I have been reading her blog for quite awhile now and when I heard that she also loved black licorice, I just had to send her some Finnish licorice from Porvoo, Finland to try. I've always admired her ability to be super productive (she sews, she letters, she designs, she THRIFTS!) all the while being a super sweet person and mom. And I even more admire that after her 2nd child, she was back in her skinny jeans in a matter of seconds. This lady is a superwoman. If you are in the Utah area, she often holds calligraphy classes and leads group thrifting trips. How fun! Check out her blog and follow her on Twitter. Thanks Melissa! xo!

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