Spice in the Kitchen: Vegan Chk'n Chow Fun Soup

When I first became a vegetarian, the thought of mock meats really grossed me out. I never even really liked to eat meat, so why should I eat some tasteless version of it. Well, that was, yikes, 16-17 years ago and fake meat has come a long way. They even sell veggie deli slices at Target! So even though the hip thing to do now is to eat "locavore" foodie-snob meat, vegetarians and vegans have made quite an impact on the food industry and our choices are better than ever.

Now, I write that to explain to my non-veg readers what on earth that very meaty looking substance is on the top of this soup. It's pressed tofu bean skin made to look like chicken. So realistic! It doesn't have much flavor, but when you coat it with flavor, you really can't tell the difference.

I bought the mock chicken at an Asian grocery that specializes in all sorts of vegetarian goods right near my favorite vegan buffet, Su Tao. I also found these square, thin noodles and thought I'd try them. Turned out they were a chow fun noodle! My fav!

I'm still not 100% about this recipe, so I will post ingredients/directions when I nail it. Sometimes experiments just don't work. I basically stir fried zukes, Chinese kale, soy beans, and carrots added broth and then the noodles. My broth was way off. I should have referenced an Asian soup recipe or done a miso broth. Then I did a quick fry of the tofu skins and put them on top. The noodles, veggies, mock chicken were all yummy, but the flavor was more American than anything else. Back to the drawing board! My dream is to be able to take vegan Chinese cooking classes someday! I would love to know how to get the flavors just right. If anyone knows of any, please let me know!


  1. I love mock meats! But I always did...even in the 90s when they were kinda flavorless. But I was a BIG meat fan before going veg at age 14. I used to eat meat salads with no lettuce. I am not kidding. Ugh.

  2. :) Meat salad! Love it! My husband was a big meat eater, so he loves stuff like this. He loves Field Roast and Tofurkey sausages!

  3. I like to boil whole ginger, while onion, and a couple of anise pods in a soy broth to get a nice soup broth with an Asian flavor. Look forward to the recipe once it's perfected!

  4. Good idea Taylor! I used tons of ginger, but I lazed out and used a trader joe's broth. way too leeky! yuck!


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