Spice in the Kitchen: Cookies for Ms. Hische

I've been on self-imposed baking ban. It's not because it's too hot (actually, it is crazy hot, but we have central air, thank you previous owner), but because I just should not be eating cookies. Problem is, I love, love, love to bake, I just now need a reason or an excuse to fire up the oven. Jessica Hische was coming to my husband's studio. Aha! An excuse! After he left to meet her, I realized that I should have made her something for her The Internet Sends Me Cake site.

The kids were already home from camp, so I had to use what was one hand. Cookies are easy to travel with so I whipped up my default cookie, The Mocha Fudge cookie (just add 1 TB of espresso powder to that recipe), and because I like to pretend I am a professional baker, I did a quick packaging job, complete with label. I'm so corny, but hey, it's fun practice. I could not for the life of me get the logo to print centered, so I made due. My husband said to me, "Looks like we need to get you labels printed!" Why, yes we do! Glad you enjoyed the cookies, Jessica, and thanks for the shout out.


  1. oh these look delicious and as definitely a proper amount of pretty to fit in with jessica's work!

  2. I recognize those! :)


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