Scissors Craft: How to Water Plants While You're Away!

Going on vacation, and you don't want to kill your plants? Don't chuck that evil plastic water bottle into the recycling bin just yet! Poke a really small hole in the lid with an ice pick or skewer (enough so the water drips out, but does not pour out), fill the bottle with water, put the cap on and the place the bottle in the plant, pushed slightly into the dirt. The water will slowly drip out and keep your plant gently watered while you are away!

UPDATE: 3/14/12
This post has gotten lots of hits from a string of comments posed to a question on the interwebs. 

Yes, it does work. The water drips slowly out of the bottle (the hole has to be about the size a skewer width and the cap should be buried in the dirt). I watered that very outdoor plant (pictured) that way last summer and there was maybe 1 TB left of water in the bottle when I got home from a 3 day vacation. :) That plant normally had to be watered every day to keep it alive.


  1. This is one of my favourite tips ever! I might have to use it even when I'm at home... I've accidentally killed some plants because I forget to water them.

  2. FYI--A bottle that size lasts about 3 days.


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