Restaurant Review: Viva Herbal Pizza | New York, NY

Unassuming exterior of Viva

Interior: It's tiny!

Vegan picante and Napoletana
I have a friend who always raves about Viva Herbal Pizza in the East Village. They have a variety of dairy, vegan, super veggie loaded and healthy crust pizzas, fresh juices, Vegan Treats desserts and vegan ice cream. Since my Happy Cow app clued me in to my proximity to it, I decided to stop by with the kids for a quick lunch.

For them, I grabbed a Napoletana slice, and for me, the vegan picante and a ginger carrot juice. Both slices were huge. I enjoyed the crust on both. The non-vegan pizza was good, not blow my socks off, but good. The kids gobbled theirs up, but that is a given. The vegan picante pizza was loaded with tomato sauce, veg crumbles and tons and tons of onion. It was insanely loaded with topping. I had it scrape 1/2 of it off. It's a good way to cheaply fill your belly if your short on cash and hungry. The juice was kinda gross. It tasted like it had camphor in it. I love Indian food, but I will never develop a taste for camphor. Blech!

Now, I know I can't judge an entire place by a couple of slices of pizzas, but I was not super impressed. If I lived in the neighborhood, I would stop in, but it's not something I would seek out if visiting the city. I guess I have been spoiled by Blackbird's vegan pizza.

Cafe Viva Herbal Pizza
179 2nd Ave
(between 11th St & 12th St)
New York, NY 10003


  1. Ewwww! What's with all that sauce??

  2. Cheeseless pizza. KInda tasted like candle wax. I only had half and that was after pushing the sauce off.

  3. i would think a vegan cheese pie would taste waxy. this scares me.


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