Restaurant Review: Stogo Vegan Ice Cream | New York, NY

Lazy summer day, perfect for ice cream
Walnut turtle hemp base? Wow.
These ladies are sooper dooper friendly scoopers

So many choices, all made in-house!
Coconut-based chocolate and almond joy

So, my Happy Cow app also let me know about another place I had never heard of, Stogo, which is kind of unusual considering I have lots of vegan and vegetarian friends in the NYC area. I thought it was a restaurant, but it turns out it is a vegan ice cream place! Wow! I thought Lula's was the only one in the city. Of course, I had to go check it out since I was on a culinary tour of the East Village! My poor kids. I really dig drag them around that day, but hey, it did end in ice cream!

My husband asked me, why, if we are lacto-vegetarians, was I so obsessed with vegan ice cream. Honestly, I tend to eat mostly vegan and dairy ice cream always leaves me feeling kinda, well, gross after eating it. Vegan ice cream does not. I prefer it!

Stogo has a variety of vegan ice creams with different cream bases, most notably, hemp. One of my favorite vegan bases is cashew, but alas, they did not have that, but they did have my second favorite, coconut! I had many samples (salty caramel! yum!) but I went with the coconut-based almond joy and the coconut-based chocolate. The kids shared a strawberry sorbet coupled with the strawberry coconut-based ice cream (a suggestion from the friendly scooper!). The creamy and smooth chocolate was surprisingly very chocolatey which I think is a feat using coconut cream; its flavor normally overpowers the actual ice cream flavor. The almond joy was a little on the dry side compared to the chocolate, but was still very yummy. Now, the kids suggested combo was the bomb. The strawberry, like the chocolate, was creamy and not overpowered by it's host and was perfectly paired with the strawberry sorbet. It reminded me of a Philly favorite, water ice mixed with soft serve, but way better and way healthier. Their ice creams are not overly sweet and I love that. Stogo also carries Babycakes and vegan chocolates, but seriously, I could eat no more.

The ladies at Stogo are so super nice and extremely happy. I mean, really, really nice. It's so refreshing to enter an eatery, feel welcomed and not given dirty looks because you have, eeek!, two toddlers in tow. There are stools and a counter, in front of a large window which over looks St. Mark's church (I'm a geek about NYC history), and outside benches, which is always great, because who wants to eat ice cream standing up or walking? Pas moi!

Go check out Stogo next time you are in the East Village. You'll leave feeling happier than when you came in. I promise.

159 E 10th St
(between Stuyvesant St & 2nd Ave)
New York, NY 10003

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