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Sacred Chow's interior
When the Mister and I were in New York City, we woke up a little late on Sunday morning and needed to get to breakfast quickly before our ride home. We took a stroll over to Sacred Chow in the Village, a place we have previously visited for lunch and always wanted to go back.

Their vegan brunch menu is uncomplicated and the vibe was nice and mellow. He tried the "Better than Biscuits" and I ordered the "Tempeh Hash" from the prix fixe menu. Both came with a garden salad that had the most amazing simple, yet tasty dressing. The biscuit portion of his meal were AMAZING! Super flaky and buttery. The tofu scramble was tasty and not overly flavored as was the same with the gravy. Now, the gravy looked a little unappealing, but we will forgive them. My tempeh hash had a nice sagey flavor, but after half of it was eaten, it just became a little too much of one thing. It would have been a bit nicer if the hash was served on top of the tempeh, so there was textural and flavor variations within the meal. But all in all, it was something I would get again. I think they just need to work on their presentation. A little creative garnish on top of a bowled hash? Less of a plop of gravy and more of a drizzle?

Other diners in the restaurant raved about the fritata, but I think if we were to dine there again, I would get a breakfast sandwich because the biscuits are slammin'. And the banana french toast? Holy wow. That sounds good, but maybe a bit more for sharing during a Girls' Morning Out.

As you can see, the interior is casual and clean. I have never been very comfortable while dining; their seating is just plain uncomfortable and cramped (and I am pretty petite!). We did ask to move to a four-top and our waitress told us we could not since it was brunch. Waa? The place was empty! Pft! That minor negative incident aside, I'd come back when we're up in those parts.

Rating: 7 out of 10 Scissors

Sacred Chow
227 Sullivan St
New York, NY 10012
(212) 337-0863

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