Restaurant Review: Quiet Storm | Pittsburgh, PA

Hello Everyone! This is Lynn, you know, Scissors and Spice Lynn, or Lynn Eva as I am known. My friend Kara, also know as K Mala Gutierrez, has become a roving reporter for ye olde S&S. She recently took a road trip and came back with this excellent review of Quiet Storm, and now I am hungry, so I will bid you adieu and let you get to know her.

Road trips automatically make me crave three things: cheesy Pringles, peanut M&Ms, and Combos. I know. I know. So when my family and I set off on our summer road trip to visit family in Michigan, I made a conscious decision to not only pack healthier snacks and refrain from buying at rest stops, but also to find a veg restaurant along our drive. Google Maps said that Pittsburgh was just about the halfway point between New Jersey and Michigan – so how lucky were we that Quiet Storm, a cutey and artsy café, was in Pittsburgh?! My husband had perused the menu before we left and assured me that it looked pretty good, but I really didn’t know what I’d be in for. I was so pleasantly surprised when we finally arrived there (five and a half hours after leaving home, mind you)!

Quiet Storm is equal parts retro-luncheonette counter, eclectic café, and casual restaurant. While most of their menu is sandwiches, they also have a good selection of entrées, and salads. They also serve breakfast all day. A small disappointment for me is when a restaurant is veg, but also serves eggs. While Quiet Storm does serve eggs they will substitute eggs for tofu. They also have a ton of vegan stuff on the menu – and it seemed as if a lot of the items that weren’t vegan could be made vegan. That’s always a plus!!

We are a family of four – my husband and I, our 9-year-old daughter, and our 1-year-old daughter. I loved that we could find something for each of us on Quiet Storm’s menu. I went with the Reuben sandwich. It was totally love at first bite, no joke. The best part was the use of kale in lieu of lettuce – if you’ve never done that, I totally recommend it. Kale is the new lettuce. I’m not an adventurous eater, so I could totally picture the Reuben as the item I would order every time I go there. So good!

One thing you should know about my husband is that food doesn’t excite him. You know that old saying, “live to eat, eat to live”? Well, he’s definitely an “eat to live” type. And like me, he’s not very adventurous when it comes to ordering. So when he ordered the Blackadilla, which touts the use of sweet potato and pineapple, I was a little taken aback. I was even more shocked when he professed his undying love for this unusually tasty quesadilla. It was the perfect balance of savory, sweet, and tangy.

My nine-year-old ordered the Mac and Cheese – but of course! She loved it; I appreciated its home-made taste and look. The cheese didn’t look or taste like Kraft. Thank goodness! And for our baby we ordered the Tofu Tenders (plain) off of the appetizer section of the menu. Mild, yet tasty, they were enough to keep her occupied while we ate.

Of course we had to have some dessert. To keep it retro, we had a chocolate milkshake, which was to die for and a brownie from the bakery case. Personally, as someone who lives and dies for brownies, I could have done without this one. It was a little dry and not very chocolately. How can a brownie not be chocolatey? A slight disappointment there.

Since we were on the road we ordered dinner to go. I got the Apple-Walnut Salad. There were two problems with this salad – one was my fault; the other was theirs. By the time I ate the salad some three hours or so later, it was totally soggy. This was my fault because I completely forgot to ask for the dressing on the side. The dressing, though, was so salty. Like almost inedible salty. That was a real bummer. My husband got the VHF – which was basically scrambled tofu with a bunch of stuff in it. He liked it, though he felt like the seisage had a sandy-like texture. He went back to his normal “eat to live” attitude on this one.

The best part of Quiet Storm was the bill. We ordered a lot of food. Two family meals worth. Plus dessert. Our bill came to the same amount as if my husband and I went on a date to our local veg restaurant and just ordered two entrées. In the end I walked away satisfied knowing that Quiet Storm was not only delicious veg, but family affordable. We plan to visit Quiet Storm every time we have to drive out to Michigan.

--review by K Mala Gutierrez

Quiet Storm Vegetarian & Vegan Cafe
5430 Penn Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15206
(412) 661-9355


  1. Not only does this sound yummy, but it looks pretty rad too!

  2. This awesome review has my mouth watering to try the Reuben next time I visit Quiet Storm! Yum!!


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