Restaurant Review: People's Pops | New York, NY

Mr. Scissors and I went to the Brooklyn Flea on Saturday. Dang! Was it hot! We didn't pick anything up (New York flea prices are priced like high end vintage shops in Philly), but thankfully I heard the distinctive *scrape scrape* of a lovely block of ice. Low and behold! "Shaaaave ice!" I exclaimed. A savior in a hot parking lot! Thank you!

People's Pops was serving shaved ice along with gourmet/naturally flavored ice pops  I am always weary of people taking something like humble street food, and making it all sortsa high-foodie-ish-good-for-you-ish. We tried the two shaved ice flavors they were offering, red plum and rhubarb. Despite my weariness, the ice proved to be a nice earthy, fresh tasting, not-to-sweet treat and oh so refreshing in the relentless mid-day sun. I did not try a pop, but I did note the steady parade of hipsters walking around slurping them up (I'm kicking myself for not trying the rhubarb ginger flavor!). Fortunately for you, People's Pops has locations in Manhattan, so when it's hot time, summer in the city, you can cool off too! Yay! Check out their website for locales or visit the Brooklyn Flea on Saturdays in the summer.

Brooklyn Flea 
1 Hanson Place
Brooklyn, NY 11217 (In Fort Green, my new favorite neighborhood!)

People's Pops
425 W 15th St
New York, NY 10014

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