Restaurant Review: Fresh Thymes Cafe | Wilmington, DE

Exterior of Fresh Thymes. How I wish I could make them a better sign! (Pic taken w/ my notiPhone.)

Half of the vegan veggie burger (made in Portland, not in house), the quinoa tabouleh, and the pesto sandwich.

My favorite part of the meal--the chilled savory watermelon soup! GF, vegan c/c cookie by Sweet Christine's.
There aren't many choices in Delaware for vegans or vegetarians to dine out. Sure, there's pizza, burritos, some Chinese take-out, but there is no dedicated vegetarian restaurant. We have resigned ourselves to 1/2 hour drives to Philadelphia when the cravin' strikes or when the elusive date night happens. Such a drag!

On Friday, our kids were both in camp, Mr. Scissors had the day off and we were absolutely overwhelmed with our new found freedom! What should we do? After some debate, we narrowed the possibilities down to some thrifting and to check out a cafe in the Trolley Square neighborhood of Wilmington, DE called Fresh Thymes.

Even though they do have some meat items on the menu, they specialize in vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and raw foods. The menu is simple: breakfast items, salads, soups and sandwiches. Half-expecting it to suck, we had low expectations and we ended up pleasantly surprised. We loved our sandwiches and the side of the quinoa tabouleh. The cold watermelon soup with peaches and blueberries was out of this world good--savory, sweet and refreshing. The meal was simple and very tasty. Fresh Thymes tries to use local, fresh and organic ingredients and you could taste the care and attention that went into the making of our lunch. A mom and daughter team own and operate the cafe, and they are very sweet and attentive. Most of all, I am just happy we have a local place to go that doesn't involve pizza. We'll definitely come back on another lunch date. I wish they had a juice bar, that would put it over the top for me. Almost forgot! They have gluten free baked goods--one that is vegan-- by Sweet Christine's in West Chester, PA (cookie was good for gluten-free!). Daily specials are announced on their Facebook page, so like them to stay in touch.

Really my only grumble--the prices are pretty steep. The veggie burger was $10. Wow. You don't even pay that in NYC! But, I guess the meals are organic, but still! $10?

Not in the area? Just driving through the first state? If you follow a raw, vegan or vegetarian diet and are in need of a place to lunch while you are venturing through Wilmington, Delaware, it's worth the short 5 minutes it takes to get there from 95.

Fresh Thymes Cafe
1836 North Lovering
Wilmington, DE 19806
(302) 656-2026!/freshthymes

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  1. I drive past this restaurant every week, and the sign also pains me. I wish they'd get a more permanent and professional sign, but, most of all, a sign that can at least be read from the street.


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