Restaurant Review: Cowgirl's Vegan Bakery | New York, NY

Cowgirl's Baking exterior. 100% vegan.

Biscuits, pot pies, cupcakes, jam tarts, donuts and cookies! Oh my!

A donut cupcake? Homer Simpson's dream!

Wait! Stop eating that fish taco! I forgot to take a picture!

What is this? I forget, but it sure looks flaky and yummy! Saved for tomorrow's lunch, for sure.

I often wondered, in a city full of vegan and vegetarian restaurants, how there was no popular vegan bakery. All the NYC vegan places ship in the ubiquitous Vegan Treats from PA to supplement their menus. Then one day, googling or wandering around the internet, I found Cowgirl's Baking, a vegan bakery and eatery in New York City! Yay! Finally! Since we were in the East Village/LES this trip, I was finally able to check them out, not once, but twice! Hoo-ray!

My kids went bonkers. A bakery where they could eat anything in it? Are we in heaven? Since we were on vacation, I let them chose some cupcakes (and a chocolate chip cookie for Mommy!) and we also bought a savory that I am totally forgetting the name of--not a pierogi, but something else Polish (the picture is the last one, help me out if you can). Once the kids had lunch, they ate their cupcakes with help from me. Yes, it is good that I don't live in NYC or I would be totally portly.

It's funny, I was known for my cupcakes, but in all honesty, I don't enjoy eating cupcakes at all. I'm more of a cookie fan. The bites I had of the kids were good and the first thing I noticed is that they were not overly sweet or Crisco-y tasting. The red velvet was the best of the bunch, super moist and full of flavor. The vanilla base one was a bit muffiny (I am more of a cakey sorta girl), but it had a delicious deep vanilla flavor. The chocolate chip cookie, was wow, one of the best vegan chocolate chip cookies I ever had. Let me say that again. One of the best vegan chocolate chip cookies I ever had. Perfection.

The next day, we were headed up to Tompkins Square Park and noticed a big sidewalk chalk arrow scrawled on the corner of 2nd Ave. and 10th advertising Cowgirl's vegan fish tacos? Whaaa? Ok, we'll bite! Dang, for $3, that was a tasty little lunch. We also grabbed a little vegan chik'n pot pie to have at home. Another wow. Unbelievably flaky crust with a perfectly seasoned veggie and chik'n filling.

Cowgirl's Baking offers so much more (savory and sweet!), but our bellies are only so big. If you are in NYC or visiting, definitely check them out. There is a small space to sit with a few barstools and a cute window seat, so you can eat there or take your party over to the park for a picnic. Ooo! And there's a cute consignment shop right down the block called Limited Supply. Fun!

Cowgirl's Baking
259 East 10th Street
New York, NY 10009


  1. Thank you so much for the great review! We surely appreciate it :) let us know if you want some cookies shipped your way! Love, Cowgirl

  2. xo! oh my goodness, love you! i got a better idea. will contact you after the 4th and your hot dog eating contest! ;)

  3. S&S-

    CGB, is a nice little spot and no one else has vegan funnel cakes. Though it is not the only popular vegan bakery. There has been another bakery for a long time in that same area, Whole Earth Bakery. You have to like old school vegan baked goods, its a bit too hippie-ish and dry to me. Also for over a year Williamsburg has been home to Champs Family Bakery for over a year. They have crazy cinnimon rolls. If you haven't heard of Champs before, you should check out SuperVegan once in a while for their updates on the openings of new places.

    Other spots in NYC
    "Ice cream" Lula's is better the Stogo, for me.
    Pizza- Pala for Roman style pizza that is delicious but it's a bit pricey.
    Doughnuts- Dunwell Doughnuts (It's a plug, as I know Chris and Dan)

  4. Thanks Eric. Yes, I love Lula's! They are my fav. Cashew based is the best! I have had some of the Champs stuff before--but sold at Boneshakers, I believe. And I have had Dunwell through Lula's before. They weren't fresh, so I can't say how good they were. :) Yeasted donuts don't sit well for very long.

    I'll have to check out your site. Thanks for stopping by.


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