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The early bird gets the worm! Twitter promo drawn by my 5-year-old.

Ok, so my husband has been on Twitter for about 5 minutes and has over 500 followers already. I have 35, and I love every 35 of you, but if I am ever going to make it in the cyberworld, I should probably have more Twitter followers. I can promise you, I'm not one of those types that posts every 5 minutes about what type of socks I am wearing today and how I'm sitting in the Starbuck's drivethru. My Twitter posts will throughly enrich your life and make you happy to be alive! Are you feeling it? Yes? Ok! March on over to Twitter and follow Scissors and Spice and spread the word! Merci!

PS: More fun giveaways coming soon and my Twitter followers will find out about them first!

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