Carbfest New York Breakfast

Hello, Mr. Bialy, cousin to Mr. Bagel. Do you see the apartments across the street? Yours for only 3 million!

Good morning Valrhona chocolate doughnut!
While my kids were having fun back home with their aunty, Mr. Scissors and I were busy, busy, busy relaxing in New York. On Friday, we were all over the East Village. We had lunch at Puuk, picked up some doughnuts at Doughnut Plant, took tons of photos, people watched, visited the Tenemant Museum, wandered through SoHo and the West Village... man, my feet hurt! Wooden soled shoes are not made for walking. So, as much as I thought we'd sleep late the next day, the sun woke us up bright and early. Fortunately for me, there was a Doughnut Plant doughnut and a bialy sitting in a bag in our room just waiting to be eaten for breakfast. This is partially the reason I am on a cleansing diet right now. :)

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  1. I love a good carbfest. I should probably go on a cleanse, too; my diet has been so unbalanced lately ahh! A chocolate doughnut like that Valrhona gem would simply make my day.


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