Scissors Craft: Book Project, First Round

I'm not cooking tonight so no recipes, but I thought you might like to see a bit of this.

If you remember, from my collage post awhile back, I am working on a book with my friend Kara. I have it for awhile, fill it with bad poetry, short stories and art work and she does the same when it is her turn (except her poems are actually good). Before I gave it back to her a month or so ago, I quickly snapped some photos of a few of the pages. I made a sleeve to keep the book closed and painted (with a toothpick!) the paisley on the front. Oh yeah, and I painted the edges of the paper pink and made a book plate and library card & card holder too. I think it's pretty cute! Now, I'm coming up with some more ideas, Kara, *cough* *cough* so you better hurry up now, ya hear?


  1. i adore that rose colored paisley! watercolor is un-forgiving. good job! and i think modwalls should commission you for some bootleg rex ray tile design! ;)

  2. I know, I know! I promise to have it for you the next time we meet. prrrromise!!!


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