Restaurant Review: Mi Lah Vegetarian, Dinner, Philadelphia

Indonesian Rolls

Yucca Root Tarts with Cumin Spiced Bean Puree,  Seitan and Avocado (my fav!)

Traditional Tofu Pad Thai with Fresh Veggies and Peanuts

Seitan in Tamarind Sauce with Butternut Squash Wild Rice Rissoto Cake with Roasted Carrots

Mr. Scissors and I have never been to Mi Lah for dinner. We're frequent brunchers there (remember my Mi Lah brunch review?), so while we were on our parents' weekend out, we decided to give it a try.

We ordered two appetizers, The Indonesian Rolls and the Yucca Tarts. Both were super yummy with well balanced flavors. The yucca root puffs were warm, light and crispy and were topped with a nice cumin flavored beans pat√© a finely diced seitan. The Indonesian rolls were actually crunchy breaded triangles stuffed with a carrot and tofu mixture. They had a very subtle Asian flavor. I was not fond, however,  of their pairing with the basil dipping sauce. The sauce was nice, but I just didn't think the flavors worked well together.

I ordered the Pad Thai and the mister ordered the Grilled Seitan in Tamarind Sauce with Butternut Squash Wild Rice Rissoto Cake with Roasted Carrots. I enjoyed my Pad Thai though I thought the noodles were more of a chow fun flavor than a pad thai. He really enjoyed the big hunk of seitan, but I thought it was rubbery and tasteless. It look really good, but there was just no flavor. Even the risotto cake was bland. The basil sauce it was garnished with did not match the flavor of the seitan. It was a major disappointment. In any case, they get major thumbs up for a beautiful presentation.

Would I go again? Of course! I love Mi Lah! The waitstaff is friendly and attentive and it's one of the few veg places with ambiance near us. Next time, no big seitan steaks for me. Maybe I will order all apps instead. The papaya salad and the sweet potato patty perhaps? Sounds delicious!

BTW--All items are vegan.

Mi Lah
218 S. 16th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102
(215) 732-8888

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  1. Those Indonesian rolls look so tasty!
    I will have to tell some relatives in Philly about the place.


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