Restaurant Review: Brick Pizzeria, New Bedford, MA

Brick Pizzeria

Insalta Focaccia  
Pizza Margherita 

"If I lived in New Bedford again, I would eat here everyday!" I exclaimed.
"But, wouldn't that be too much flour?" my sister asked.
"Hell no."

Last summer, on a trip to see my family in New Bedford, MA, Mr. Scissors and I had the privilege of sharing a couple of pies at Brick on Union Street. If there is one thing you have to understand, I so wanted out of New Bedford when I was a teenager. There was nothing I wanted more than to leave that seaside town. But, after I left, UMass based their art school downtown which instantly breathed new life into an area that was on a highway to nowhere. Hip businesses like Java Bean and Solstice also sprung up in the late 90s. Then came No ProblemoCalico, Artificial Marketplace, and last year, Brick. Finally, something to draw you to downtown that didn't involve Portuguese food, scratch tickets, whaling or cobblestone streets.

This past week, my wonderful niece graduated from high school, so I ventured back home to celebrate with her. Brick was on my short list of things to do while in New Beige which also included eating at No Problemo and to shop at church thrift stores.

Brick's pizza is genuine. Cooked in an 800 degree brick oven, the pizzas come out fast, hot, delicious and nearly perfect. Their menu is simple, which to me, generally proves that a restaurant is good. When you have a quality product, you don't need to throw straw dogs on the menu. They also serve craft beers and wines, gelato and just started serving a pizza-based brunch on Sundays. Whaaa? A sweet ricotta cream, banana and walnut stuffed calzone with nutella? I may have to go visit my family again sooner than later! Try my favorite, the insalata foccacia. A nice and crunchy salad on hot crispy bread? Yes, thank you!

Sometimes businesses like Brick make me think that maybe New Bedford isn't as horrible as I remembered and maybe I should buy one of those old dilapidated whaling mansions near the waterfront to renovate... now I am getting my family excited, so let's just say, that's probably never going to happen. I still love you though.

Brick Pizzeria Napoletana
163 Union Street
new Bedford, MA 02740

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