The Holy Land: Doughnut Plant's Chelsea Hotel Location

We made a quick trip to NYC the other day and I made sure we stopped by Doughnut Plant's new location at the Chelsea Hotel. You all know how much I love DP's doughnuts, right? My husband made fun of me by saying that I was visiting a holy site. Yes, it practically is a holy site. The Chelsea cafe is great; there's a place to sit (if you can find a seat, the place was packed!), a nice system for ordering and picking up your order and there's lots of ambiance. But, honestly, I would still eat their creations if they operated out of cardboard box in a dank back alley.

And I have a new favorite flavor--salty peanut! Holy cow! So freaking good. I still love you, carrot cake donut, don't be jealous.

Oh, and vegans, I did not see any vegan versions yet (they are supposedly coming), but as always they are egg-free and vegetarian.

Doughnut Plant NYC
379 Grand St, New York, NY 10002; 1-212-505-3700
Chelsea Hotel, 220 West 23rd Street; 1-212-675-9100

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