Scissors Craft: Courier Style Gusseted Tote-y Purse!

Today, I had about an hour and a half to myself to make a bag with some fabric I picked up in a $1 bin from an antique/home store. I thumbed through a book of patterns, found one and thought I was following the directions... Uh, no, I messed up the first step! Oh no? No! I turned it into this cute purse, pocketbook, satchel, or whatever you call it. It's a great depth and width--perfect for a mom on the go. I even made a pocket for the inside. Hopefully I can get my act together when the Mister comes home to get a tutorial together for you. Now do I keep it or gift it?

PS--My real camera is in the shop and I've been using a spare camera. I'm hoping they can't fix my lens and I get to put it towards a new camera! That would be awesome. Lesson: Always buy a warranty when you buy a camera, it pays off!

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