Restaurant Review: Sprig and Vine, New Hope, PA

The breakfast burrito

Tempeh ruben

Tempeh sausage with smoked maple syrup

Apple rhubarb French toast with cashew cream sauce

Chicken-fried oyster mushrooms with biscuits

Home fries


A small group my friends went out for brunch at Sprig and Vine in New Hope, PA for a pre-Mother's Day vegan celebration. None of us had been before so we were quite excited to test their dishes.

We ordered two plates of the apple and rhubarb French toast for the table and we all loved it. There was much debate as to wether Mi Lah's or Sprig and Vine's were better. I'm still a Mi Lah girl, but Sprig's toast was pretty good. A little mushy in the middle, but the flavor was nice and subtle without being too sweet or heavy.

Everyone liked their entrees. I had the tempeh ruben and it was perfect. Nice flavors without being overly soggy. The bread was nice and hearty without being too heavy. It would be nice if it was served with a side of something besides just the mixed salad leaves, specially considering the $12 price tag. The chicken-fried oyster mushrooms were light and crispy, but I thought a little to heavy on the sage. The same goes with the hash browns and the sausage--too many herbs. It would be nicer if the flavor was a bit less in your face. The iced mint roibius tea and was refreshing. They get 5 stars for presentation; the dishes were all beautifully prepared.

I ordered the donuts to go for my husband. They were a very "genuine" old-fashioned egg-donut texture and were freshly made. My only complaint with the donuts is that they tasted like they were fried in the oil in which non-sweets were fried.

Our waiter was attentive and personable and the atmosphere is "casual upscale." Great place for a vegan date night. Would I go back? If I lived near New Hope, I would, but honestly, the traffic coming into and going out of New Hope in warm weather is insane, but if you are close, check it out. I'm curious how the lunch and dinner entrees are. If you've been before, let me know what you think!

Sprig and Vine
450 Union Square Drive
New Hope, PA 18938-1367
(215) 693-1427

UPDATE: Review on Sprig and Vine's dinner menu here.


  1. I LOVED my breakfast burrito, definitely going back !!!

  2. well, traci, you can be my roving correspondent! tell us how dinner is! date night for you and tim!


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