Restaurant Review: Loving Hut, Philadelphia, PA

Summer Rolls

The Loving Hut Wrap

Garlic Sauce Creamy Pasta, Fried Vegan Drumstick and Golden Nuggets

Dirty toddler hands and a strawberry banana smoothie

The family and I were in South Philly a couple of weeks ago, so we stopped at Loving Hut for a quick vegan bite to eat. We ordered a few appetizers and two sandwiches along with a strawberry banana smoothie. The waitstaff were all very nice and the cafe has very casual atmosphere.

The smoothie went over great with the kids; it had a very floral note to the flavor reminiscent of a bubble tea. For the kids, I ordered the "Garlic Sauce Creamy Pasta" and the "Golden Nuggets." Neither would touch the pasta that had potatoes and broccoli mixed in, but I loved it. The Golden Nuggets had a mild flavor and they both ate them without complaint. The "Fried Vegan Drumsticks" were overly cooked and not edible. My husband really enjoyed his "Loving Hut Wrap" and said he would order it again, but I didn't think it was anything special. I also ordered the "Summer Rolls" and "The Loving Hut Sandwhich" (sorta of like a Bahn Mi). Both were good, but we had to ask where they were since they came far after the other plates had been delivered. The summer rolls were overly stuffed, but still had a great flavor. I had the Loving Hut Sandwich the next day; a good sandwich, but not like the Bahn Mi I wanted it to be. It needed more cilantro. One of the best parts about Loving Hut is that it is incredibly cheap! This is the perfect place for a vegan college student.

Would I go again? Maybe. Loving Hut was not a hit with my kids, so we wouldn't go as a family. But if I was on that part of South Street and needed a quick bite, sure. Overall, I'd give it 6 out of 10 stars.

Loving Hut Philadelphia
742 South Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147-2023
(215) 454-2898


  1. HATE Loving Hut! and their CRINKLED CUT CARROTS drive me crazy. we first went to supreme master ching's cult restaurant when we lived in arizona and i was desperate for veg chinese. drove to phoenix from tucson for this crudola. ate at the loving hut last year in orlando. while some of the appetizers were decent, there was no entree i would order. plus you have to watch the creepy videos!!!!! whaaaa!

  2. Well, they are all different; I heard some are good. I found the video oddly calming, in fact... Wait, Let me come back to my senses!;)

    It was OK not horrible, but not knock my socks off. Something to go to if you are in the neighborhood, but that's about it.

  3. AnonymousJune 13, 2011

    We had a great loving hut here in Shanghai which sadly closed down. Nothing fancy, but you could get an entire plate of food (you could pick and choose many different veggie choices) along with rice for less than $2. Sigh, now it's a crappy meat-serving Chinese restaurant (as if there aren't enough of those in Shanghai. -Krsnamayi


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