Restaurant Review: Blackbird Vegan Pizza, Revisited

Vegan Seitan Cheesesteak. Photo by Blackbird.

Remember my review of Blackbird Pizza a few months ago? Well, since we were down in those parts on Saturday, it seemed fitting that we go back and try the what we missed last time, namely the seitan cheesesteak.

On this visit, my kids shared a piece of daiya cheese pizza. My son, the picky one at the moment, decided he didn't like the cheese and devoured the crust. My daughter happily ate her half, with only a "this cheese really sticks to your teeth" comment. As I have said before, their crust is awesome. Light, airy and crispy with just the right amount of chewieness.

Mr. Scissors ordered the Tofu Cubano and I, the seitan cheesesteak. He's quite the connoisseur of Cubanos, a fav of his from his meat-eating, Brooklyn-living-in days. He loved it. It's served on a crusty French bread and is loaded with fillings. The seitan cheesesteak was served on the same type of bread; not the traditional fluffy, air-filled Philly roll, which is fine by me. The filling was great, and I thought there was plenty of it (there was some criticism of the lack of in reviews I had read). The seitan itself is nice and thin, like a traditional steak. The daiya is perfect in this type of dish. I don't like it so much on top of pizza for the same reason my daughter thought it odd. Two great sandwiches! We thoroughly enjoyed them both.

We also bought a Dry soda--vanilla bean. So good! And for later, a Vegan Treats whoopie pie that we all shared. Wow! Just like the whoopie pies of my childhood. We kicked ourselves for not buying another one.

Blackbird Pizzeria
507 S 6th St
Philadelphia, PA 19147
(215) 625-6660

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