An Interview with Moi at Sabjimata!

Me, getting down and dirty at the flea market.

Got nothing better to do than to hear what I have to say about things? Then check out Sabjimata to read an interview with me! My favorite question was about the many cool things to do in Delaware!

Excerpt from the Sabjimata interview:

"You live in the magical state of Delaware, a small wonder to us all. What are some of the best kept secrets upping the cool factor of Delaware?

Aw, come on! You don't what me to give up my secrets do you?

First off, Delaware is awesome; I wish more people knew that, so more awesome people would move here and I'd have more awesomeness surrounding me. It's proximity to everything ups its cool factor. We're in Philadelphia's backyard. We're less than 2 hours from NYC and from DC. You get the joys of suburban life without having to deal with the literal and figurative messes of living in the city, but the city is at your beck and call if you need it. There are beaches and a wonderful state/county park system. There is so much land donated by the DuPont family that has been turned into beautiful public space. The other very cool thing about Delaware is that it is relatively cheap to live here! Home of tax free shopping!

There is a very strong yard sale presence here which is thee very best place to find treasure. Tag sales too are always a great find. Some other great finds in the First State are:

Delaware places to thrift:
New Castle County Farmer's Market and Flea Market
Annex Marketplace
Family Thrift

Delaware vegetarian-friendly places to eat:
Pizza by Elizabeths
Woodside Creamery
Capriotti's (veggie turkey sub!)
Planet X

Delaware places to visit:
Lewes Beach (Quaint village with a nice beach for kids. More quiet than Rehoboth Beach.)
Old New Castle, DE (An early US settlement with cute cobblestone streets on the DE river.)
Wintherthur (Fairy garden for kids! Stuffy museum for grandams!)
Bellevue State Park (Frisbee golf, anyone? Horses? Du Pont mansions? Tennis? Playgrounds? Beautiful walking trail? Community gardens? Yes!)"

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